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Thermal Spray / Metal Spray

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Thermal Spray & Applications

Turbo Charger Turbine Shaft bush journal worn out

Metal spray rebuild and machine carbon teflon piston ring seat ID95 x Depth 145mm

Drum OD1100 X TH1400mm, sprayweld repair bearing journal OD100 X L50mm

Rebabbitting face of tilt pad & thrust pad

Gearwheel Dia.1100 x Shaft Dia.360 x TL2200mm (3 tons+). Sprayweld rebuild coupling journal OD340 x L250mm x 2ends c/w keyway repair, seal journal OD360 x L75mm x 2ends

Rotor body OD820 x TL3000m, 3Tons. Metal spray rebuild double bearing N240 journal OD200 x L150mm

Sprayweld repair gear pump seat ID47 x width 35mm x 2 sides

As sprayed Ultrahard hard coating layer on blade surface without finishing, for rough gripping purpose

Rebuild worn out wear ring seats and journals and precision machine to specific clearances

Metal spray rebuild worn out seal journal with stainless steel, precision machine to original tolerance

sprayweld aluminum bronze on end surface, machine to flat and smooth

sprayweld rebuild bronze valve face and machine flat, lapping flat surface of pump housing

Metal spray repair shaft journal to original profile

To sprayweld ss317 on sleeve and impeller journal and machine finished to size c/w argon weld repair stainless steel 317 impeller

Volute casing wearing area to metal spray rebuild by SUS 317

Rebuild disc face x 2 sides and precision machine to flat and smooth

Metal spray rebuild heavily worn out connecting rod journals and ground finished to original size

Rebuild by stainless steel and precision machine to flat and smooth surface

To metal spray repair worn out surface

To sprayweld build up piston shaft journal Dia.125 x L800mm, machine to size c/w hardchrome finishing

To sprayweld repair loose bearing seat (depth to reach bearing seat approx 300mm)

To provide material, tools & equipments to vulcanized black NBR Rubber tapper roller c/w steel support shaft

1 - 24 of 85

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