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Johor, Malaysia.

Metal Stitching Crack Repair

Metal Stitching Crack Repair & Applications

To metal stitching repair fractured / broken delivery gripper bar, ensuring straightness and trueness after repair

Crack around labyrinth seal surface & inner structure

Metal stitch repair cracks at surface and inner seats

Metal stitching repair crack at bearing seat area approx. Length 2" x Thickness 35mm

metal stitch repair crack section at supporting damper

Cracks at loose bearing seats of upper & lower gearbox housing

Crack section at supporting damper

Leak area repaired by metal stitching - to insert copper alloy pins, pressure tested 3 bars

Cylinder block wall & liner cracked

Metal Lock

Crack at outer surface of cylinder between 1st & 2nd stage cooling jacket cap

Actuator housing cracked

Air compressor screw rotor seized, housing surface cracked and chipped off

Observed hairline cracks propagated from fuel injector holes to the valve port on cylinder

Broken aluminium quadrant gear arm due to misalignment

Repair vacuum pump end housing crack area by metal stitching & thermal spray

Bronze pump impeller cracked section & failed weld attempts, repaired by metal stitching


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